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Tips And Notes And Bills, Oh My!

, , | Right | August 14, 2021

I’m a third-party delivery driver. We have this woman who orders hundreds of dollars’ worth of food from different restaurants; sushi, pizza, Mexican, Chinese, etc. She never tips. Ever.

I frequently get her orders. Sometimes she pays cash; our platform allows this.

Me: “Your total is $250.20.”

Customer: “I’d like to round down.” *Hands me $250.00.*

You get the picture. Today, though, I have had enough and I tell the business owner of the platform:

Me: “If she pulls that stunt again, I will say something to her.”

She orders $150 worth of pizza. No tip. Requests a no-contact delivery. My time has come. When I drop off her food, I write a note:

Note: “Your life must be pretty sad if you get your laughs out of ordering hundreds of dollars’ worth of food for no tip. We all pass on your orders constantly for it. I only brought it to you out of pity. PS: my boss knows about this note 😊.”

The effect was swift. I told the owner of what I’d done, and he asked for a timestamp of the photo (I’d taken a photo of the note). He compared it to the time and day I’d taken that order. He then proceeded to look at her order history. Every order after the one I left her the note ripping her apart had a 25% tip ever since.

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