Tipped To Be An A**hole

, , , , | Right | April 4, 2019

(I’ve been taking on digital art commissions since I first started college. When I first started taking commissions, I was inexperienced and nervous about laying out terms, and I seriously undercharged for my work. As such, I relied on tips to actually get a decent amount of money. This commissioner is already very demanding and oversteps a lot of boundaries — including but not limited to asking if we can IM to discuss work and then using it to rant all night about his terrible home life — but he is getting multiple commissions and I am desperate for the work. While I’m still working on the pieces, he broaches the subject of tipping.)

Commissioner: “So, I noticed my invoice had the option for a tip.”

Me: “Yes! All the artists I know really appreciate that Paypal has a built-in way to leave a tip for their invoices. ‘Every little bit helps,’ you know?”

Commissioner: “Okay, so it’s not required.”

(He then went offline for the night before I can respond. No tip was ever given. The best part? The commissioner was a waiter who worked for tips, too!)

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