Tipped To Be A Good Shift

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I work at a pizza place. Our usual register girl was scheduled as a closer instead of during the day, like me. I already don’t like her, as she never lets anyone else touch the register unless they have to, like the drivers for receipts. She also hogs all the tips. We don’t have a dining area, so there are not a lot of tips left at the register, but she makes sure she gets all of them.

I have received like $30 in tips that day (good tip day) and she came in, saw me at the register and the following conversation happened.

Coworker: “I can take over from here.”

Me: “No, I’m good. I’m signed in on register for today.”

Coworker: *Sees my stack of tip receipts* “Why aren’t these in the receipt bin?”

Me: *Not thinking* “Those are my tips.”

Coworker: “No they’re not. No one gets tips but me.”

Me: “No, whoever is on register gets tips. I was on register. They are my tips.”

Coworker: “You need to give these to me. They are mine.”

Me: “No, I earned them. Get on makeline and let me do what I was assigned.”

She stomps off to find our manager, and I have to start profusely apologizing to the four sets of customers that have walked in. She then comes back:

Coworker: “[Shift Manager] says you need to give me those tips, and go get on makeline.”

The shift manager then walks up.

Shift Manager: “No, I said you need to stop being a controlling a**hole and let her do the job I assigned her. You are assigned to make line for the rest of your shift. Touch the register today unless it’s to clock out or clean it, and I’m writing you up.”

She didn’t bother me again, and I earned a good $40 in tips.

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