Tipped To Be A Good Night

, , | Right | August 5, 2016

(I have just parked outside a person’s house to deliver the pizzas that they ordered. Their order came to an even $25.)

Me: *at their door* “Okay, your order comes to a straight $25.”

Person: “Oh, I only have $25 cash, so I don’t have a tip…”

Me: “That’s okay!” *hands over the pizzas* “Enjoy your night!” *start walking away*

Person: “Wait!” *digs through purse and wallet* “This is the only thing I have that could be counted as a tip; it’s a $10 [Popular Online Store] gift card. I haven’t used it yet, but maybe you would want it instead?”

Me: “Oh, no, ma’am, I can’t accept that. It’s fine; most of the people I’ve delivered to tonight didn’t give a tip either. Really, I’m fine with it.”

Person: “Oh, no, you’re not leaving without a tip! I can’t have that on my conscience. If you really don’t want the card, at least make sure that it doesn’t go to waste.”

Me: *takes card* “Well… if you’re sure about giving me a $10 tip…”

Person: “Yep, I’m completely fine with it! Now, hurry and deliver those other pizzas. I’m sure those people want their food, too.”

(After this, I thanked her before rushing back to the car to deliver the rest of the orders. Everyone else that I delivered to tipped mostly over $5, which made up for the many people that didn’t tip at all. I also used the gift card to buy a new book, and it is now the best book in my bookshelf. Every time I read it, I’m reminded of that woman’s kindness, and remembered to pay it forward in the future.)

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