Tipped To Be A Bad Ride

, , , | Working | April 24, 2018

(My dad, my best friend, and I have attended a concert in New York. It has just let out and we are heading to New Jersey, so we hail a cab.)

Me: “Penn Station, please. Take 7th Avenue.”

Driver: “No, I’m going down 5th Avenue. There is too much traffic on 7th.”

(To get to 5th from where we were, we’d have to get through the MASSIVE crowd of people who just exited the concert hall.)

Me: “Sir, the concert just let out. It’ll take twice as long to get through this traffic. Please do not go to 5th. If 7th is too messy, then go up to 9th and go down.”

Driver: “NO, I AM GOING 5TH! You are wrong, and you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

(At this point the driver is SCREAMING at me. My dad suddenly chimes in.)

Dad: “Oh. Well, someone’s not getting a tip.”

(The driver eventually listened to me and went my way. We had no problems. But for screaming at me, my dad did stiff him on the tip.)

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