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Tinker Shaker

, , , , | Right | January 30, 2020

(I am a basics dog trainer. I just finished my class showcase where I run through the commands with the dogs for the owners.)

Elderly Woman: *with teacup dog* “Well, that was just lovely.”

Me: “Thank you, ma’am. And your little Tinkers has come a long way.”

Elderly Woman: “I was wondering if you could teach Tinkers to tap dance?”

Me: *a bit amused at the idea* “I’m sorry, ma’am. I just do obedience training and the basic tricks like shake, roll over, and speak.”

Elderly Woman: “You can teach her to shake?”

Me: “I already did, ma’am.”

Elderly Woman: *a bit upset* “Well, I didn’t pay you to turn my Tinkers into a lap dancer!”

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