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Time Wasting Goes Both Ways

| Learning | December 19, 2015

(I have a teacher who is always a bit in the clouds. She also seems to hate me. One day, she calls me and two other students to her desk after class. She talks with the first student, who then leaves, so now there’s me and another student left. The teacher just stares at us. After about five seconds…)

Me: “So, Mrs [Teacher]…”

Teacher: “[My Name], don’t you see I’m going to talk to [Other Student] first? It’s so RUDE how you ALWAYS interrupt people!”

Me: “Uh… I’m sorry?”

(She talks to the other student, who then leaves too, so now I’m left alone with her. However, she starts to pack her stuff.)

Me: “Uuuh… Mrs. [Teacher]?”

(She looks at me wide-eyed.)

Teacher: “Why are you still in here? Get out; I have to lock the door!”

Me: “…No offence, but you asked me to come to your desk after class. You said you wanted to tell me something.”

Teacher: “Oh, yes, I wanted to…”

(She pauses again, staring at me…)

Teacher: “…but I forgot. So now get out. Don’t waste my time!”

(I’ll be so happy when I get a different teacher.)

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