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Time Waits For No Superman

| Working | July 31, 2013

(It’s a slow morning. A coworker and I are prepping watches for display.)

Me: “Ooh! Superman watches! Please tell me we have Batman.”

Coworker: “Why? Superman is so much better than Batman.”

Me: “Lies! Lies I tell you!”

Coworker: “Superman is SUPER-man. Super-strength beats some rich boy with toys.”

Me: “That rich boy with toys is a normal human, and hold his own—if not surpasses—metahumans on a regular basis!”

(The debate continues until my supervisor wanders by.)

Supervisor: “Personally, I think Spiderman is awesome.”

Coworker: “…no.”

Me: “Do not bring your Marvel into our DC; walk away now.”

Supervisor: “My bad…” *walks away*

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