Time To Throw Out The Trash  

, , | Right | October 24, 2019

(I work in a shop where I hold a position of service host. I am the person that gets called to the checkouts to check prices, replace broken or damaged goods, or grab an item a customer may have forgotten. Today, I am only just trained as a service host, with less than five hours of practice. The supervisors have gone for their breaks, leaving me flying solo. I get called to a checkout to assist with a customer who has a complaint.)

Me: “Hello, sir, what appears to be the problem today?”

Customer: “This bin was only £6 on the shelf but she’s charged me more.”

Female Colleague #1: “I would have corrected the price for the customer had he informed me during the transaction, but he waited until after he had paid. The receipt hadn’t even printed when he told me I charged him too much.”

Customer: “I did not. I want a refund; you charged me too much.”

Me: “We will need to go over to customer service to resolve this issue. The tills here are unable to do a refund for you.”

Customer: “No. I am not moving. You give me my refund now.”

(This continues for five minutes with the queue behind him getting more annoyed, when [Male Colleague] comes over to help. He is only a checkout colleague, same as the woman who served him.)

Male Colleague: “Hey, mate, want to come with me? I’ll get this fixed straight away for you.”

(Surprisingly, the customer follows him with no issues and no complaining. As he walks away, we hear his exchange with my colleague.)

Customer: “F****** women can’t do their jobs. Those b****** shouldn’t even work. They need a man to put them in their place.”

(They sort a refund for him and he leaves. The male colleague fails to inform security about the customer and his comments and lets it be, believing we have seen the last of him for now. Less than five minutes later, he approaches the kiosk with the very same bin he had refunded. As the kiosk and customer service desk are connected, the employee there is aware of the issue, and when processing the bin she corrects the price.)

Customer: “You f****** b****, what are you doing?! You’re all just trying to scam me. You’re conning me.”

Female Colleague #2: “No, sir. I am a stone’s throw from the service desk where you refunded this bin less than five minutes ago. I corrected the price to prevent a repeat. Now, you can pay and leave quietly, or [Security] over there would be more than happy to escort you to the door.”

Customer: “Don’t you f****** tell me what to do. I know my rights!”

Female Colleague #2: “As do I. [Security]! This gentleman needs assistance in locating the door.”

(Security escorted him out, informing him that he was no longer welcome in the store, and should he set foot in the store again, he would be promptly escorted from the property… All for the sake of a £2 reduction on a bin.)

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