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Time To Take A Brake

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(My high school driver’s education teacher loves telling this story about a girl who graduated a few years before me. The girl is practicing driving around town while the teacher quizzes her on different signs and rules along the way.)

Teacher: “Who has the right of way if you’re turning left?”

Me: “The other car.”

Teacher: “What’s that sign; the yellow triangle with a curved arrow?”

Girl: “Sharp turn ahead.”

Teacher: “What if it has a squiggly arrow?”

Girl: “Wavy road?”

Teacher: “Okay. Let’s go down this hill here. What about that sign?”

Girl: *reads the sign aloud* “Brake retarders prohibited.” *she gasps* ” Mr. [Teacher]! That’s terrible!”

Teacher: “Why?”

Girl: “That’s racist!”

(Apparently, my teacher was so shocked he made her pull over and wouldn’t let her drive anymore. He explained what it actually meant and the girl was embarrassed, but he still couldn’t believe she had said that. And yes, she has her license.)

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