Time To Stand And Deliver

, | Working | December 23, 2014

(I am the supervisor in the copy department of a retail chain. My department also handles shipping through a well-known third party shipping company. This company has been rather famously off the ball this holiday season and has missed several pick-ups at my store, which leads to irate customers yelling at me for something I have no control over. Finally our guy comes in for a pickup.)

Me: “There you are! Where were you yesterday? We were supposed to have a pickup. There are packages in there that were supposed to be DELIVERED today!”

Delivery Guy: “Well, uh… We were off for Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.”

Me: “I’m aware of that, but Christmas Day was Wednesday. It is now Friday. Where were you yesterday?”

Delivery Guy: “We were off Christmas Day and Eve.”

Me: “… I know. Neither of those days was yesterday.”

(He just shrugged, finished loading, and left. A week later, I was STILL fielding calls from people demanding refunds for items that were not delivered on time. Now, once a package left our store, any refunds/etc. were supposed to go through the shipping company, but our customers told us that when they called, they were told the fault was with our store!)

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