Time To Spit It Out

| Working | May 6, 2015

(I am the dental assistant, speaking to a patient who has been in for multiple appointments recently and is always quite rude. If he is not being rude, he is being a general smart/loud mouth. My cross infection standards for all patients are very high. I would not expect a patient to have anything that I would not be happy to use or have used on me. This is the last that I can tolerate of him.)

Patient: “Urgh! These safety glasses are dirty!”

Me: “As I explained to you last time, the solution we use to clean the glasses between each patient can leave them a little foggy.”

Patient: “I go swimming all the time and I use ‘Mask Clear’ to keep my goggles clear.”

Me: “I go scuba diving, and whilst I have used ‘Mask Clear,’ I prefer to use saliva in my diving mask as it is more effective. Would you like me to spit in the glasses for you?”

(He declined and didn’t have any more rude or stupid comments for the rest of his visit. The dentist had a good laugh about my comment after the patient had left.)

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