Time To Socially Distance Yourself From Such People

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Marijuana is legal for recreational use in my state. This is during the global health crisis, and the dispensary has mandated masks — as has the state — as well as social distancing inside and outside the shop. Very few people are allowed in at one time, and the store is pretty small, so the line outside to get in is very long. There are some Xs on the ground marking six feet, but there are more people in line than there are Xs.

Most people are complying with the social distancing guidelines anyway, except, of course, the gentleman directly behind me. He starts out at a good distance but inches closer and closer until he would be too close even without the current guidelines. I finally can’t take it anymore.

Me: “Come on, dude, social distancing. You’re like nine inches away from me.”

I know I could have said this more nicely, but I get anxious when I feel crowded and I spoke without thinking of a more tactful way to say it. I am also a little nervous because I have heard of so many people flipping out when asked to comply with health guidelines.

He says nothing but moves an acceptable distance away. I notice that as the line moves forward, he does not move up and is now about twenty feet behind me. We are now standing on the Xs, and he has skipped two Xs behind me.

Woman Behind Him: “Can you please move up, sir?”

Man: “Naw! She—” *pointing at me* “—told me social distancing, so I have to stay back here. I’m not getting any closer than this!”

Me: “Sir, six feet is enough—”

The man interrupts me and holds up his hand in a “talk to the hand” fashion and faces away from me.

Man: “Miss, fine, it’s fine. Go on ahead. Go on about your business.”

I turn around and do as he says and go about my business. He remains about twenty feet behind me. Finally, it is my turn to enter the dispensary. As I am checking out with the cashier, I notice the man standing just inside the door, which is at the opposite side of the room. Again, there are a number of Xs on the floor between us. Also, there are people behind him also waiting to get in. An employee points at an X on the floor.

Employee: “Can you please step up here?”

Man: “No! She told me to social distance. I can’t come any closer to her! I’ll step up when she’s gone!”

I thought stoners were more chill than this. I almost offered him some of my gummies!

Time To Socially Distance Yourself From Such Ideas

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