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Time To Set Things Straight

, | Learning | August 25, 2016

(For some reason at my college, people would either set off the fire alarm by either overcooking popcorn in the microwave or by using a hair iron. It became such a running gag that the dorm residents made it a running bet what set it off. One such November morning the fire alarm goes off, scaring everyone out of bed. By the time I grabbed my hoodie and ran down the steps it had started to drizzle, putting everyone in a foul mood.)

Girl #1: “I bet it was a microwave again.”

Boy #1: *still half asleep wearing only some sweatpants* “I bet it was a hair iron.”

Me: “Microwave; who does their hair at three in the morning on a Tuesday?”

Boy #1: “Who makes popcorn at three in the morning on a Tuesday?”

Boy #2: “Me, sometimes. Microwave.”

(The RA walks out of the dorm with the campus police, looking annoyed, and holds up a hair iron.)


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