Time To Scratch Off This Relationship

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My brother is one of the worst human beings on the face of the earth, and it is no secret to most in my family that we despise each other. When our parents separated, he went with our father — who is just as bad — much to my joy.

Still, our mother has the attitude that he can change. That unfortunately means he is invited to most holidays, including Christmas. The rest of the family aren’t exactly enthusiastic to have him around, but we are making an attempt for our mother’s sake. Eventually, I head into my room where he has his back to me and is looking into the box where I am keeping a few scratch-off cards I managed to win close to $100 on. I am understandably suspicious but I back off, and it is clear he hasn’t noticed me. A few minutes later, I go in and I see him tucking something into his pocket.

I say nothing, letting time pass until he leaves, and then checking my box to see exactly what I expected: my scratch-offs are gone. Naturally, I tell the rest of my family, and another of my brothers heads out, returning some time later with $150 — the extra $50 are an apology from another family member. The worst part is that my mother still insists on forgiving him, and tries to get us to make up, insisting he’s changed now that he’s got a job.

No one’s told her that he’s been posting pictures of his “stash” on Facebook.

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