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Time To Scrap Your Lazy Ways

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I work in a factory that makes parts for performance high-end cars with a very famous name and very expensive price tag. Of course, everything has to be supplied to very exacting standards. What people don’t know is that even small parts can also have high safety implications.

Me: “I’ve been reading [Customer]’s requirements. Did you realise we are supposed to be destroying the bad parts?”

Director: “We throw them in the skip; I’m sure that’s destroyed enough.”

Me: “There is a massive clause about this. I don’t think this is something we should overlook. There seem to be some pretty serious concerns here.”

Director: “Well, if you are concerned, speak to [Manager].”

I know the manager won’t care, doesn’t care, and doesn’t respect me or my job, so I try something new when I head downstairs

Me: “Are we destroying the defective parts for [Customer]?”

Manager: “Don’t see the point. They’re bad anyway.”

Me: “Oh, it’s just that [Director] wanted to know.”

Manager: “Oh, okay, then. I will make sure!”

He goes off and gets one of the guys to snap all the parts in half before throwing them away. He calls me over.

Manager: “There you go, ‘destroyed.’”

Me: “That’s great. Saved us a potential court case.”

Manager: “Court case?! What are you on about?”

Me: “Oh, someone got caught stealing sun visors from the bins at another company and was selling them online. The problem is that not only was it stealing from the company but also the sun visors weren’t crash-tested, which would be deadly. Not only a court case but massive bad PR. [Customer] sued and closed the factory.”

Manager: “Oh, I, err…”

Me: “So, is this all the scrap? This doesn’t look enough.”

Manager: “Oh. I, err… Yes, I am sure it is. I am, yes.”

Me: “Great! Then there isn’t a problem.”

I had no idea if that looked like all the scrap, but given how nervous he was, I suspected things were probably going missing.

Rumour had it that an employee was caught stealing our parts from the bin and was fired, but who let him and how he knew when the cameras were shut off is a mystery.

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