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Time To Read The Riot Act

| Working | May 1, 2013

(I began reading at the age of three and have always been a very advanced reader. This happens when I am in kindergarten. While my dad looks for books, I try and check out “Charlotte’s Web” with my own library card.)

Me: “I would like to check this book out please, ma’am.”

Librarian: “You can’t get that book! You’re not old enough. It’ll be too hard for you!”

Me: “But… I’ve already read the first chapter. I want to finish it.”

Librarian: “No! I can’t let you check that book out. You’ll just damage it or lose it.”

Me: *starts to cry*

(My dad finally comes over and asks me what’s wrong. Before I can say anything, the librarian interrupts.)

Librarian: “She was trying to check this book out and clearly it is too advanced for her!”

My Dad: “Did you even ask her if she could read it to you?”

Librarian: “Well, no! I don’t need to!”

My Dad: *to me* “Here, read this page.”

(I read the page almost perfectly, only stumbling over one word which I figure out in about three seconds.)

Librarian: *silently checks out book*

(Later, outside…)

My Dad: “Don’t worry honey, the same thing happened to me when I was your age…”

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