Time To Put This Guy On Ice

, , , , | Working | July 14, 2020

I work at a fast food place. Our particular restaurant has two windows in the drive-thru; the first window is where you pay and the second window is where you actually get your food.

The manager on shift with me is only a handful of days older than me, so we get along very well. A coworker of mine is in back drive — the first window — and has been repeatedly making beginner mistakes, even after we correct him, such as REPEATEDLY selling ice cream even though we are holding off for a while to let the ice cream firm up.

Me: “Ah, crap, [Coworker] sold ice cream again.” *Over the headset* “Hey, stop selling ice cream.”

Manager: “Seriously? Okay, see if they want anything else in exchange.”

Me: “You know, you can always put me in back drive; that way, the line will move faster.”

This is a result of me having multiple eight-hour shifts doing nothing but back drive. I am now probably one of the best people to go back there.

Manager: “I don’t want to do that to you; you’re always back there.”

Me: “True.”

No less than five minutes later, after at LEAST four previous reminders…

Me: “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! [Coworker] sold another [ice cream]!”

Manager: *Long pause* “Go to back drive.”

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