Time To Put This Discussion On Ice

| Learning | July 3, 2013

(My Continental Rationalism professor is trying to explain Spinoza to the class.)

Professor: “So in Spinoza’s pantheism, everything is constrained by natural law, correct? So why does this give traditional theists, the Christians and the Jews, conniption fits? Hmmm?”

Class: *stares silently*

Professor: “Well, if things can only happen in accordance with certain rules, what does that eliminate, in traditional theism?”

Class: *continues staring*

Professor: “Imagine that this here, all this in front of me, imagine that it’s all water. Now I walk on it. What do we call that? Yes, you, in the front there.”

Me: “Winter, sir.”

(The correct answer of course was a miracle, but the prof did have to admit I was right!)

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