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Time To Compare The Meerkats

| Working | March 8, 2017

(Our department has a separate room in our office building. As there are windows that allow other departments to see into our space, we are often of great curiosity for some reason. One evening, we notice the department next to us keeps peering through our window.)

Coworker: “I feel bad. All we’re doing is working. We should at least give them something interesting to look at.”

Me: “What about meerkats? Everyone likes meerkats.”

Coworker #2: “On the count of three. One, two—”

(At the exact same time, twenty people jump to their feet. We all whip our heads to the left and then sit back down together. We peek out and see the other department staring at us, completely bewildered.)

Coworker: “And they thought we were weird before…”

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