Time To Close The Door On This Employee

| Québec, Canada | Working | March 16, 2013

(I’ve been trying to get a package from the post office for three days in a row, but I always get there after closing. On this night, I’ve asked my boss to quit early so I can get there before closing. I arrive at 4:55 pm.)

Me: “Hi, I’m here to pick a package that was left for me, three day ago. I’ve received this notice saying I had to pick it up here.”

(The clerk looks at my notice, and then walks into the backstore. A couple of minute pass before the clerk returns. It’s now past 5 pm and it’s clear she’s ready to head home; she has her jacket, purse and keys in her hand.)

Clerk: “Eh… sorry, we’re closed.”

Me: “I was here 5 minutes ago. I need to pick up a package that was left for me.”

Clerk: “Well, you should have come earlier.”

Me: “I was here earlier. I was just in front of you and you saw me before walking in the backstore and getting ready to go. Can you just give me my package? I don’t even need to pay a duty fee.”

Clerk: *locks the backstore* “Sorry, I can’t. The backstore is locked.”

Me: “You just locked it… unlock it and give me my package, please. It’s been three days that I’ve tried to get in here before your closing time.”

Clerk: “Sorry, I can’t. The system is shut off and I don’t want to reopen it. You should have come earlier. We were open since 11 am.”

Me: “Okay, you closed your system BEFORE the end of your shift, and now you blame me for not coming earlier. I was at work. How could I have come earlier?”

Clerk: “Not my problem. Come tomorrow!”

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