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Time To Chip In

, | Working | October 24, 2013

(Our restaurant is along a fairly popular tourist route. It’s not uncommon to get customers from out of the country during the summer and fall seasons. I hear my coworker having an argument with a customer.)

Coworker: “I already told you we don’t serve that here!”

Customer: “Of course you do; I can see them from here.”

Coworker: “I don’t know what you’re looking at but we don’t sell chips. If you want some that badly you can go to the gas station across the street.”

Me: “Is everything okay?”

Coworker: “This guy wants chips but we don’t sell chips! He won’t listen to me.”

Me: “Sir, you would like to order some chips today?”

Customer: “Yes please.”

(I ring the order in myself and bring the customer his ‘chips.’ He leaves happily.)

Coworker: “What the… you just gave him fries!? How—”

Me: “He’s from England; they call fries ‘chips.’ Didn’t you notice his accent?”

Coworker: “Oh… I guess he did talk kind of funny…”

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