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Time To Cash Out Of This Conversation

| Working | March 12, 2016

(My partner and I are using a self checkout. The register has a sign that says “No cash refunds” and a little notification pops up saying the same thing at the start of the transaction. No where in this does it say that it won’t accept cash as a payment. Come payment time…)

Partner: “Hey, where’s the cash button?”

Me: “It should have it. Hey, um, excuse me?” *I wave over an employee* “I know the sign says no cash refunds, but it won’t take cash.”

Employee: “No cash refunds.” *points to sign*

Me: “…I get that, but it won’t TAKE cash.”

Employee: “No cash refunds.” *points more aggressively at the sign*

Partner: “Okay, we get that, but—”

Employee: “NO. CASH. REFUNDS.”

Me: “Do NOT interrupt someone!” *I have a big pet peeve about being interrupted* “There is a difference between being unable to GIVE cash as a refund and being able to TAKE cash as a PAYMENT. Neither the sign nor the notification at the start of the transaction stated that it’d be unable to take cash as a PAYMENT.”

Employee: “No cash… No cash refunds.”

(At this point he is just repeating himself. I ask to see his manager. The manager just does the exact same thing and we end up paying with a card instead. If it couldn’t take it, it should be on the sign, too.)

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