Time To Cash Back Up For A Minute

, , , , , | Right | August 17, 2018

(I’m the stupid customer in this story. The way the transit in my state is set up, it’s nearly impossible to make a round trip on it with one bus ticket. Unfortunately, I haven’t brought enough money for a second ticket when my first one runs out. Out of desperation, I go into a nearby grocery store to get money out of my bank account.)

Me: “Excuse me. Does your ATM have a charge to use it?”

Employee: “Yes, it’s about $2.00.”

Me: “I’m fifty cents short on bus fare.”

Employee: *smiles* “How about we do cash back, instead?”

(Relieved, I go through the process of getting cash back from my debit card. When it comes time to get my cash back, I hit “no cash back” because I’m on autopilot.)

Employee: “Uh… Did you hit cash back?”

Me: *pause* “Oh, s***.”

(We did it again, and the second time I made sure to hit cash back. Thank you to the grocery store employee who was kind and patient enough to help me!)

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