Time To Assay The Essay Situation, Part 7

| Learning | May 7, 2017

(Our teacher is giving out recently graded coursework we worked in teams for. We’ve all been pretty civil about it and even shared the essay portions with each other to help out.)

Friend: “Sir, why did I get a ‘U’?” *’U’ is equivalent to ‘F’ in the US*

Teacher: “Because you plagiarised from [My Name]’s essay.”

Me: “What?!” *snatches coursework out of friend’s hand* “You a**-hole!”

Friend: “But, why do you think it was me? It could’ve been [My Name] copying!”

Teacher: “Because the part you plagiarised is in [My Name]’s first draft, while it only appears in your completed essay.”

Now Ex-Friend: “But, umm… F***!”


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