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Time To Assay The Essay Situation, Part 6

| Learning | April 27, 2017

(It is the night before an assignment is due. I scored a 70% on the last assignment and in order to stay in my major you need a C+ in all outside major courses. Obviously a 70% isn’t below a C+ but I want to do better. As I’m working on some other work in the library I get a text from a classmate in my class where there is an essay due the next day.)

Classmate: “Hey what topic did you pick for the assignment?”

Me: “Uh, it’s due tomorrow. Don’t you have a topic?!”

Classmate: “I like to pull all nighters.”

(My sister works well under pressure so this doesn’t seem unusual to me. Unhealthy but not unusual. I am trying to make friends in the class so I just sent back “oh, cool.”)

Classmate: “So… topic?”

Me: “I picked [Topic].”

Classmate: “Is it hard?”

Me: “Well, we discussed in the tutorial so I had a jumping point.”

Classmate: “I missed the last tutorials. I slept in.”

(This isn’t uncommon as our class as at 10:30 am.)

Classmate: “What format is it in?”

Me: “MLA. The TA talked about it in tutorial.”

Classmate: “I missed the last few tutorials. Like three of them or something. I lost track. I just don’t want a hard topic.”

Me: *starting to get frustrated since she chose not to go to tutorials* “Well, unfortunately, I can’t pick the topic for you.”

Classmate: “I know, I know. I guess I’ll just do the same one you picked.”

Me: “Okay.”

Classmate: “Did you finish your essay?”

Me: “Yes, my Mom’s just proof-reading it.”

Classmate: “Ugh, I don’t wanna do this anymore.”

Me: “Ya, I feel you.”

Classmate: “Can you send me your essay for referencing purposes?”

(Uh huh, “referencing purposes.” We’re choosing the same article, you’re pulling an all nighter, and you happen to want my FINISHED paper for referencing purposes the night before. Needless to say I didn’t give it to her and she couldn’t finish her essay in time and got docked 2%.)


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