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Time To Assay The Essay Situation, Part 3

| Learning | January 29, 2014

(Our class is a little long so we get a 15-minute break in the middle, which the teacher is using to take a good look at the essays we delivered for homework. When we return, and take our places, the teacher calls out to me.)

Teacher: “Hey, [My Name]. Come here.”

(I’m a little confused, but I go over. My confusion just gets worse when she hands me an essay that is not mine and instructs me to stand in front of the class.)

Teacher: “When I tell you, you’re going to read these two paragraphs. Okay?”

Me: “All right.”

Teacher: “All right, [Other Student]. Come here, too.”

(She calls another two students and gives them other two essays, with the same instructions.)

Teacher: “Okay. Start reading, the three of you.”

(We start reading. To our surprise, and everyone else’s, we are all reading the exact same thing.)

Teacher: “What? You didn’t think I would notice?”

(Needless to say, the students who pulled this off got an ‘F’ in that essay!)


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