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Time To Assay The Essay Situation, Part 2

| Learning | January 10, 2014

Student: “Hey, miss. Can you do me a favor?”

Me: “What do you need?”

Student: “Can you read these two essays for my government class and tell me which one is better?”

Me: “Okay.”

(I quickly read both essays.)

Me: “There are quite a few grammatical errors in each of them, but I would say the second essay was better.”

Student: “Thanks. That will be the one I turn in.”

Me: “Just out of curiosity, why did you write two essays for the same assignment?”

Student: “One is for me, and then one of my friends paid me $10 to write for him. I just wanted to make sure I got a better grade than he does. Thanks for helping me decide!”

(The student leaves the room. I call the government teacher to explain what just happened.)

Me: “I’ll come by after school and find the other essay so you will know who bought the essay. It should be easy to find with all the grammatical mistakes.”

Government Teacher: “I don’t know why anyone would pay [Student] for his work. He’s an idiot.”


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