Time To Abort The Roommate Agreement

| Friendly | December 21, 2015

(I recently had to move on very short notice, and as a result ended up with a roommate whom I’d only met a handful of times prior to moving in. On top of things like constantly having to clean up after her, and finding my belongings/cash missing, I’m also finding that since her last roommate got pregnant and decided to terminate her half of the lease to move in with her boyfriend, she’s become positive I will too. This conversation occurs at least once a month:)

Roommate: “So… what would you do if you got pregnant?”

Me: “I’m not sure; it’s not something I think about too often. [Boyfriend] and I are very safe, and I’ve been on the pill for twice as long as we’ve been together anyway.”

Roommate: “Well, if you get pregnant you should abort it.”

Me: “I’m certainly not against abortion, but I don’t know what I’d do; it would depend on the situation.”

Roommate: “But you’re not ready to have a baby. [Boyfriend] can’t even afford to live on his own yet!”

Me: “That’s only because he’s essentially building a car. In a couple months he’ll be done and significantly more financially stable, since he won’t be spending upwards of a thousand dollars a month on car parts. If I got pregnant tomorrow, I’d more than likely abort it, and if not, I’d be putting it up for adoption. If I got pregnant in six months, I’d probably move to another unit in the building with [Boyfriend], and keep the baby.”

Roommate: “But your lease here wouldn’t be up!”

Me: “That’s true, but I wouldn’t abort a child I could afford to raise. I wouldn’t mind having a baby some day, and while 20 isn’t an ideal age, I’m certainly not a child myself.”

Roommate: “But then I’d have to find a new roommate all over again! I can’t stand that process! It wouldn’t be fair. You would HAVE to abort it!”

(Yes, she honestly thinks that, should I manage to get pregnant with multiple forms of contraception being used, I should base my choice to have or not have the baby purely on the fact that she doesn’t like the process of finding a roommate… Needless to say, our conversations about this end with me reminding her, in increasingly impatient ways, that ultimately the choice would have nothing to do with her.)

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