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Time To Ab-stain

, , , | Right | August 12, 2021

My brother related this story to me while he worked at a laundromat and cleaners. A customer, a well-known owner and host of a local restaurant, brought in a dress to be cleaned. She pointed out an oil stain that she wanted completely removed. My brother processed her information and gave her a claim ticket. Over the next few days and several attempts, the oil stain was still there. He conferred with his boss, who said that there wasn’t much more they could do and to just give it back to the customer. When the customer came to pick it up, she was livid.

Customer: “How can I accept this? You were supposed to remove the stain and it’s still there! I demand that you either remove it or pay me the $500 that it’s worth!”

Brother: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we’ve done what we could with it. Anything harsher might get the stain out, but it’ll also ruin the fabric.”

Customer: “You must clean the stain or pay me for the dress!”

Just then, the boss walked up.

Boss: “Ma’am, we know you work in a restaurant. We’ve all seen you wear this dress while there. The stain is likely from the oils you come into contact with. I’m not paying to replace the dress since you’re the one who stained it. I will, however, give it another shot.”

The boss took the dress and told the customer to return tomorrow. The following day, the boss personally handed the dress to the customer, and they noted that there was no longer a stain. She happily paid for the cleaning and walked out.

Brother: “So, how did you get the stain out?”

Boss: “I drenched the whole thing in vegetable oil before washing it again.”

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