Time For Tea… Fifteen Minutes Ago

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My husband and I go through a drive-thru. I order a peppermint tea with honey, but the drive-thru lady asks me to repeat myself.

This situation repeats itself three times with no success, so she asks us to pull through to the window. Once we get there, she doesn’t greet us, but accusingly tells us she couldn’t hear us.

I repeat my order, but she doesn’t really seem to understand. She then disappears for a while, comes back and says there’s just black tea. I agree to have a plain black tea, but it takes her a while to realize I just want boiling water with a tea bag, not iced or with added flavours or anything. We also request a cherry slushie. The employee says yes, but spends at least five minutes at the till, trying to punch it in and saying that the computer is broken.

Meanwhile, two cars in the drive-thru behind us get fed up with waiting and leave the lineup.

Finally, the employee gives us our total: $1.95. My husband and I exchange a look, as that seems too cheap for two drinks. Nevertheless, we pay, and drive to the pickup window.

One of the store managers is at the till, and he apologizes, saying that the computers are down. He hands my husband a fruit punch slushie — not the cherry we requested, and it’s not even filled all the way to the top — and is about to close the window, when we ask him about the tea, which, of course, he had no idea about. He then grabs a cold cup, and we have to explain all over again that we just want a plain cup of hot tea.

The whole interaction took at least 15 minutes. We were not impressed!

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