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Time Stops For No Man, But Train Stops For One

, , | Working | February 3, 2017

(I am on a train from London that isn’t supposed to be stopping for another hour or so, but we find the train stopping for a couple of minutes at an earlier station. I don’t think much of it, until the following announcement.)

Tannoy: “Hello. Just to update you all, we have just made an unscheduled stop at [Station] because a customer just received some very sad news of a family member passing and therefore wants to return to London. We decided to stop early so she could get a return train sooner to get back to her family. We hope you accept our apologies for this short delay.”

(Whilst the situation was sad, it was nice to see that the train company had that kind of compassion, as they are very strict about unscheduled stops usually!)

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