Time To Re-Dress Your Comments

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(My cousins and I are vacationing at the beach for one week. I brought a variety of clothes, most of which were casual and went into drawers, but I brought one dress that I hung in the closet. I had gotten there before the other two girls, so no one witnessed me putting away my clothes. The house we were staying in was a rental and as we were looking around we started to comment on the “retro” decor.)

Cousin #1: *in the kitchen* “Oh, my gosh! Look at this horrible green stove!”

(All three of us giggle.)

Cousin #2: *opening a closet in the hallway* “The water heater matches. Avocado green!”

(All three of us move to look at the green water heater in the closet, giggling all the while.)

Cousin #1: “…and look at that HORRIBLE old-fashioned fabric!”

(She is pointing to the dress I hung up in the closet. I stop laughing abruptly.)

Me: “That’s my dress!”

(Awkward pause.)

Cousin #1: “I thought it was an apron.”

(All three of us erupted with laughter. I will admit that the dress looked very apron-like on the hanger. My cousins both made a point of telling me how good it looked when I was wearing it, but I must admit I always felt a bit awkward wearing that dress after that.)

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