Time Is Money, No Time Is No Money

Related | August 15, 2013

(My brother-in-law owns a sign making company. We get on well, but don’t talk very often. Whilst I am at work, I give him a call.)

Me: “Hey, it’s me. I was wondering—”

Brother-In-Law: “I’m busy; don’t call me at work. Just talk to your sister.”

Me: “Wow, er yeah… okay.”

(I turn around to my boss, who looks at me expectantly.)

Me: “Sorry, I guess he is too busy. We can order from someone else.”

(My brother-in-law had unwittingly turned down a contact to supply my boss’s company with signs, banners and exhibition material. We have another company do the work; the bill was several thousand pounds. Next time, maybe he will be a little more patient.)

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