A Time For Giving… Anonymously

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It is Christmas Eve. Around dinnertime my sister, my mom, my mom’s boyfriend, and I go to this old-fashioned restaurant. I am kind of on-the-fence about my mom’s new boyfriend, not really sure how to feel about him. He is a very cool guy, but can be very strict when I or my sister don’t do things like put our dishes in the dishwasher or leave lights on through the night.

After we get our food, and I have eaten to the point where I am stuffed, I am messing around on my phone. Suddenly, I hear the sound of a quiet cry coming from behind me. I turn around in my chair to see this little old lady sitting at the table behind ours, all by herself. She’s talking to the waiter and crying while gripping his shirt-sleeve.

I ask my family if they know what’s going on, but no one knows. After a minute or so, our waiter comes over to the table and ends up revealing to us that my mom’s boyfriend had anonymously paid the woman’s tab, because she was all by herself on Christmas Eve, and thought she needed some genuine kindness.

The woman was crying because she was so taken aback, and was begging the waiter to tell her who paid the bill, but he just told her that they absolutely wanted to stay anonymous.

My mom and sister and I all agree that it is the coolest thing we have ever seen someone do.

Ever since then I have held a lot of respect for him; to do such a nice thing for someone who clearly needed some cheering up was the most kind act I had ever witnessed. Since then I have made sure to not leave messes around the house and always put my dishes in the dishwasher. And if he ever asks me for a favor or needs help, I will always lend him a hand. But more than that, I have held him in very high regard since then, and have defended him to other people, even his own kids.

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