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Time For New Management

| Working | May 15, 2017

(I have been working on a display for the better part of my shift. I am alone with the manager and one other employee. This is during winter, so it has been dark since around four pm.)

Me: “Phew. What time is it? It feels like I’ve been working all night.”

Manager: *checking his watch* “You have; it’s 10.”

Me: “10? My shift ended at 8!”

(I run to the back to clock out, but realise the clocking out machine is says 6:30. Assuming there’s a problem I try to find the manager. Then I notice every clock in the back is saying the same. I head to the checkout and check clocks on the register (which are on a separate system to the clocking machine). They say it’s 10. I spot the manager.)

Me: “All the clocks in the back are saying half 6, but the registers are saying 10.”

Manager: “I know. I have been moving the clocks back. We need to get the store ready for tomorrow.”

Me: *shocked* “You’ve kept me and [Colleague] here for two extra hours without telling us.”

Manager: “We need to get finished.”

Me: “And were you going to pay us?”

Manager: “No, it’s only half 6.”

Me: “Sorry, no. This is ridiculous. Did you seriously expect us to work until midnight without realising?”

(I left the manager and found my colleague. He was also shocked and we agreed to walk out. I recorded a video of the time discrepancy, with the manager saying “But, we need to get this done” in the background. I called HR in the morning and agreed to provide the video. I also submitted my notice, but didn’t go in for my mandatory remaining three months. The last I heard the store was under new management.)

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