Time For Koffee

| Romantic | December 3, 2015

(My fiancé and I hate to get out of bed in the morning. We are heavy caffeine addicts and playfully fight every morning about who’s going to get up and brew the deliciousness that is coffee. The Swedish word for coffee is kaffe.)

Me: “All right. Let’s play a game. It’s the K-game. Both of us say a word that begins with K. The one who fails to come up with a word that starts with K has to brew the coffee.”

Fiancé: “I’m all in. Kisses.”

Me: “Kamikaze.”

Fiancé: “Kicks.”

Me: “Knack.”

(This goes on for about eight minutes.)

Fiancé: “…klemlep.”

Me: “Ha! I win! You make the coffee.”

Fiancé: “No! No way! Klemlep is a word! Google it! ”

Me: *googles it* “Nope. Sorry. I did find the word “klemelä”, though…”


Me: “Right. I’ll make the coffee if you can describe a “klemelä”.”

Fiancé: *overexcited* “It’s this wonderful little mushroom that grows in the forest, close to wate—”

Me: “—Klemelä is a Finnish transportation company.”

Fiancé: “…I’ll go make that coffee.”

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