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Time For An IP Ban

, , , , | Friendly | January 8, 2021

I’m playing an online video game with a few friends when a newer player approaches and asks to join. I, the leader, say no because it would hold back our leveling. Then, we have the following conversation.

Player: “Let me join! I’m a good player, I promise!”

Me: “I’m happy to do it later, but I’m grinding right now, and a low-level player would only hold me back.”

Player: “Why not let me join? I can help you a lot!”

Friend: “[My Username] is right; we can’t let you join right now. In a bit, maybe, but not right now.”

Player: “F*** you!”

My Whole Party: “What?!”

Player: “You all are a bunch of a**holes!”

Me: “Cool it, buddy.”

Player: “Just let me join, or I’ll report you!”

Me: “Nope, not now, not later, not ever.”

The player lets loose a slew of profanity and slurs, directed toward me.

Me: “You signed your own death warrant just now.”

I click report and the player is kicked shortly. The next day, I meet someone with a username just one letter off, and I receive this message.

Player: “Hi, can I join your party?”

Me: “You must take me for a low-watt bulb.”

Player: “What?”

Me: “Your username is literally just one letter different. At least change it properly, if you’re going to try and trick me.”

The player unleashes another slew of profanity, stretching for a few minutes.

The player was kicked again. We’ve danced to this same tune at least half a dozen times now, and it won’t be the last. I’m partly entertained by this dude’s persistence and partly saddened to have lost my hope in humanity.