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Time For A Mash Up

, , , | Right | August 20, 2019

(I run the warehouse for a country store. Customers pay for bags of animal feed and bedding, and then bring their tickets to the warehouse where I load the bags into their cars. Said bags are normally 20kg+ each. On this particular day, a fairly old customer gives me their ticket.)

Me: *sees that they want several heavy bags of animal food* “Okay, no problem. May I ask you to move your car up to the entrance, please?”

Customer: “Oh, my car’s just over there” *points to the other side of the car park, as far away from the warehouse as you can possibly park*

Me: “Okay, but we do ask customers to bring their cars to the entrance if they’ve bought several bags, just so that we can get you your products as quickly as possible.”

Customer: “Oh, my car’s just over there.” *points again*

Me: *realises she’s not going to move her car regardless of what I say* “Okay, I’ll just be a couple of minutes.

(Her ticket says she’s paid for two bags of chicken feed pellets. I pick up a bag of this and take it out to her car, which takes me about a minute because of where she’s parked. I walk back to the warehouse, pick up another bag, and take it across the car park and put in her car, and it’s only when I’ve done this that she says:)

Customer: “Oh, no, I wanted the mash, not the pellets. Could you put the mash in my car, instead?”

Me: *internally rolling eyes* “Your ticket said you’d paid for pellets, so if you’d like to take it back to the shop they’ll be able to exchange it for you.”

Customer: “Oh, I don’t want to walk all the way back to the shop. Can you just put the bags in my car?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but since you haven’t paid for the mash, I can’t give it to you. If you’d just like to talk to the person on the till, they’ll be able to sort it out for you no problem.”

Customer: “Oh, but can’t you just put the mash in my car?”

(This went on for about two minutes before I finally convinced her to go back to the shop. She came back a couple of minutes later, by which time I’d taken the two bags of pellets back into the warehouse. I gave her the bags of mash she’d paid for, as well as the other three bags she wanted. She still refused to move her car.)

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