Time For A Kindness Sandwich

, , , , , | Hopeless | June 17, 2018

(My mother and I are just about to start a four-hour drive home after her childhood best friend’s funeral. It has been a very long day for my poor mother and myself, as you can imagine, and my mother is emotionally very tired. We spend most of our day either traveling or crying. I have managed to convince my mother that she should eat something before we start the long journey home. We pull into the car park of a well-known fast food chain, and I go in to get us a sandwich each.)

Me: “Two [sandwiches], please.”

Young Girl: *behind the counter* “Of course. Have you had a good day today?”

(She’s a very smiley, cheery girl, but after the day we’ve had, I can’t bring myself to say yes.)

Me: “Not really.”

Young Girl: *a bit taken aback* “Oh, I’m sorry. May I ask why?”

Me: “It’s been a bad day; we buried my mother’s childhood friend today.”

(I gesture in our car’s general direction, to where my mother is sitting there having a private little cry.)

Young Girl: *silence for a second* “Hold on…”

(She walks out the back into the kitchen. When she comes back, she has two full bags with her, instead of the small bag it would have taken for just two sandwiches.)

Young Girl: “Here. I know it won’t help much, but there’s two full free meals, instead of just the two sandwiches. We all hope your mother is okay.”

(I couldn’t quite believe it. I was so grateful, and so was my mother. We were both sobbing when I told her. She sent a handwritten letter to the company after we were home and a few days had gone by, which we both signed. I’ll never forget that young girl and her kindness.)

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