Time For A Big Fat Apology

| USA | Related | November 18, 2016

(Mom and I have just gotten to my grandparents’ house to check on them because my grandmother has forgotten to pay her phone bill again, and there’s a small concern about my grandfather, whom I’m still fond of. I’m not my grandmother’s biggest fan recently, and generally try to avoid coming over. Mom is off to the side paying their phone bill over her cellphone.)

Grandmother: *looks hard at me for a moment* “[My Name], you’re putting on weight!”

Me: *knowing I’m slightly overweight, and this isn’t her first comment like this, mostly about my thighs* “Thanks, Gramma.”

Grandmother: *smiling* “It’s a compliment, of a sort. I want you to lose it.”

(A few minutes later.)

Grandmother: “I love you.”

(Because telling me I’m fat and need to lose weight is the way to show it.)

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