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Time To Call It A Night

, , , , , | Working | March 2, 2018

(I have a coworker at a hotel who we think maybe has a drug addiction. There are several times she has come in to work jumpy as hell and super spacey, with eyes red as tomatoes. One day, I get a call from my ops manager:)

Ops Manager: “Did you leave a bunch of clean laundry on the laundry room floor?”

Me: “No.”

(I am thinking to myself that it must have been my druggy coworker, as she was the only one in there after me.)

Ops Manager: “Okay, then.”

(I ask no more questions about it that day, but I do hear the ops manager on the phone with [Coworker], and it sounds a lot like she is trying to explain herself and yelling at him. That night, she comes in to relieve me after my shift — a half-hour late, mind you — and launches into a massive rant about how our manager is out to get her.)

Coworker: “I just want you to know, I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at [Ops Manager] because he’s out to get me fired. I was here last night doing laundry, and I was told me to put the phone on night mode and take the cordless phone with me so I could answer the phone while I was folding. But I came back to the desk a half-hour later and [Hotel Owner] called and asked me why the phone has been saying we were closed for 30 minutes. I told him I had been using the cordless and doing laundry, and he told me to stay at the front desk so I could answer the phone, and not to worry about laundry. So, I did, and that’s why it isn’t done. And [Ops Manager] tells me, ‘It’s not going to get you fired.’ Well, it had d*** well better not, ‘cause it ain’t my fault!”

(She keeps insulting him and ripping on him. Through all of this, I am slowly getting more angry, because our manager is a really cool guy. Our general manager decides to swing by the next night. Our crazy coworker doesn’t know he’s planning on doing this. She gets there — again, about 30 minutes late — and doesn’t say much to me. Honestly, she doesn’t seem sober. So, she goes out to smoke on the curb, and I leave. My general manager gets there about 20 minutes later and calls me at home.)

Me: “Hey, what’s up?”

General Manager: “You said [Coworker] came in, right? Her car’s not here and the lights are off in the lobby.”

Me: “That’s weird. Yeah, she got there about 10:20. I left about 10:45 and she was still there.”

General Manager: “Okay… Weird. All right, well, see you tomorrow.”

(I hang up and go to bed, when he calls me again.)

Me: “Hey, is everything okay?”

General Manager: “She’s not here!”

Me: “Um, what?”

General Manager: “[Coworker], she isn’t here. Her car isn’t here, the lobby lights are all out except by the breakfast bar, her purse is spilled across the floor, and she isn’t here!”

Me: *instantly thinking something horrible happened to her* “Oh, my God! Did you check the bathrooms and laundry to make sure she didn’t have a seizure or pass out or something?”

General Manager: “Yes, and I checked the cameras, and she’s nowhere in the hotel.”

(Suddenly his side of the line goes quiet and I can hear someone in the background.)

General Manager: *to person* “Where ya been?”

(More quiet.)

General Manager: “[My Name], can you come back in?”

Me: “I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”

(When I arrived, we found out that this coworker has been LEAVING the hotel every night when our general manager and the owner weren’t here. When she wasn’t answering phones for a half-hour, she simply wasn’t in the hotel. We could’ve been robbed or lost business, or a fire could’ve started; anything could’ve happened because the place wasn’t locked up and she wasn’t there to help. Of course, she was fired, and from that very night it’s a big joke between the managers and me. The best part is, when the lady who does breakfast in the morning came in, she was mad at me for not making coffee for her, because [Coworker] usually did it for her.)