Time To Assay The Essay Situation, Part 9

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(I’m one of those students that does everything on time, gets As and cries at Bs, takes all high-level classes, does the extra credit, and is heading for a burnout. This class is an English Dual-Credit class.)

Teacher: “I’m going to treat you like college students, since this is for a college credit. Do not think you can skate by like you do in the rest of your classes.”

(Over the semester, no one but a handful of students — me included — ever turns their assignments in on time, or does the reading.)

Teacher: “Well, that’s okay! We can do the assignment and the reading in class. Don’t worry about it.”

(During Christmas break, I think to myself, “If she doesn’t care, why should I?” Instead of finishing my essay, I decide to blow it off. When we come back:)

Teacher: “Raise your hand if you’ve done your essay.”

(Surprisingly, everyone but another girl and me raises their hands.)

Teacher: “What happened?”

Me: *lying* “I couldn’t print it at home.”

Classmate: “Me, too.”

Teacher: “Go to the computer lab and print it.”

(To our luck, the computer lab and the library are actually closed! We head back.)

Teacher: “You know, I’m so disappointed in you. My due dates are very firm, and I told you that you couldn’t treat this like the rest of your classes. You can turn it in tomorrow for 10% off.”

(I have never hated a teacher more.)

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