Time And Time Again

| England, UK | Friendly | October 20, 2016

(I am selling some baby items we no longer need. I put them up for a fair price and get lots of interest. One woman is more keen than most.)

Woman: “Do you still have [item]?”

Me: “Yes, I do; are you interested?”

Woman: “Yes, I want it; can I come today?”

Me: “I finish work at five and will be home after six pm. Come any time after then.”

(We wait around, and it gets later and later. I message the woman but get no response. I relist the item due to time-wasters. I get another message from her.)

Woman: “I don’t like to be called a time-waster.”

Me: “You asked to collect an item and didn’t show. I would say that was fair.”

Woman: “But I was busy!”

Me: “I spent the evening waiting for you. What would you call someone who wastes other people’s time?”

Woman: “But I was busy! I can come tonight! I’m busy after four. Do you still have it? I will give you [half the advertised price].”

(She gets the hint, but then two weeks later.)

Woman: “I really need [item]. I can collect!”

(In the end we donated it to charity and felt much better for doing so.)

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