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Time And Relative Dimensions In Space Pants

| Friendly | July 7, 2016

(I’m a huge fan of ‘Dr. Who,’ so I buy the exploding TARDIS dress and matching leggings when they come up for sale. I’m talking to my friend, who is also my boss, about wearing the ensemble to casual Friday.)

Friend: “It just hit me! You have a pair of space pants now!”

Me: “What, because my leggings have the TARDIS on them?”

Friend: “No, it’s from SNL. Did you see when Peter Dinklage hosted? He sang a song about space pants.”

(She pulls her phone out to show me the video and pretty soon we’re singing about space pants and making up lyrics as we go along. The next day, when she comes in, she points at my pants and starts singing.)

Friend: “Look at your pants! Your pants are great! I love how they are from outer space!”

(This goes on all day, and soon we have other coworkers singing “Space Pants” as they pass me by.)

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