Till Undeath Do Us Part

| Romantic | January 11, 2012

Wife: “If I became a zombie, would you kill me?”

Me: *without hesitation* “Yes.”

Wife: “You didn’t even hesitate! You would really kill me if I was a zombie?”

Me: “Yes. You’d be an undead flesh eater, who would jeopardize my personal safety. You would keep zombie me alive?”

Wife: “Yes, why wouldn’t I?”

(She begins to get a bit upset.)

Me: “I would want to eat you and the kids. Also, I would… Wait, wait, back up. Are we seriously arguing over this?”

(My wife pauses and thinks, and then bursts out laughing.)

Wife: “I’m sorry, that was stupid to get upset over. Good night!”

Me: “Braaaains!”

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