Till Undeath Do Us Part, Part 9

| Romantic | April 30, 2012

(My girlfriend and I are watching a zombie marathon on TV, so of course I ask the scenario questions.)

Me: “If I turned into a zombie, would you kill me? Stab me in the head with something?”

Girlfriend: *who is a marksman* “I’d shoot you from twenty yards, yes, killing you.”

Me: “Would you cry?”

Girlfriend: “Yes, in the time it took to walk to your body, I’d cry a river.”

Me: “Then?”

Girlfriend: “Well, I’m assuming in this context we’re mid-way through the zombie apocalypse. So then, I’d strip your body of anything useful and run.”

Me: “You would?”

Girlfriend: “What would you want me to do in that situation?”

Me: *shrug* “Yeah. That, I guess…”


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