Till Undeath Do Us Part, Part 23

| Romantic | June 27, 2013

(I’m sitting on the couch with my husband, and decide to ask him the zombie question.)

Me: “What would you do if I became a zombie?”

Husband: “I would kill you: no questions.”

(I am amazed and horrified he has such a quick answer.)

Husband: “You’re a really slow runner, and you would end up killing me!”

Me: “So you wouldn’t even keep me as a pet? Remove my jaw and arms, and feed me every now and then?”

Husband: “Well, maybe. If I turned into a zombie first, then I would eat you and we can terrorise everyone in slow motion for the rest of our lives.”

Me: “So… either way you will kill me?”

Husband: “Yep!” *big grin, kisses me and bounces away*


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