Till Undeath Do Us Part, Part 20

| Romantic | May 5, 2013

(My fiancé and I decide to have a little bit of fun, and I ask him the ever-famous zombie apocalypse question.)

Me: “Imagine that the zombie apocalypse started, and I got infected. What would you do?”

Fiancé: “I’d make the last few moments of your life the most wonderful you’ve ever had. Then I’d bind you up with explosives before you passed. Once you had turned, I would throw you off the roof into a group of zombies, and detonate the explosives when they came to investigate. What would you do?”

Me: “Your idea sounds appealing, but then I’d feel like I was desecrating your corpse. However, that would help me live in the long run. I could also see the fun in chaining you up in the backyard as a pet zombie, but that almost seems a bit cruel. Also, depending on how painful the ‘zombie-fication’ is, and how sentient one would be after becoming a zombie, I could also see myself purposefully turning into a zombie as well. That way we could terrorize the living together forever, or until some stupid survivor came along and shot us. But then again, that could mean turning into a monstrosity with nothing but murderous instincts, unless I was somehow able to maintain a sense of etiquette and morals, and choose to eat steak instead of brains…”

Fiancé: “… I love you.”


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