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Til Undeath Do Us Part, Part 42

| Romantic | March 1, 2015

(My boyfriend and I had been dating a couple weeks when I decided to ‘pop the question.’ He doesn’t believe in or even entertain the idea of anything supernatural.)

Me: “So, if there was a zombie apocalypse—”

Boyfriend: “—nope, zombies don’t exist.”

Me: “But just like, theoretically, if I were to be bitten—”

Boyfriend: “You can’t be. Zombies aren’t real.”

(I’m annoyed but let it go. Fast forward six months later when he is about to go on a trip for a few weeks)

Me: “You have to come back in one piece, okay? Not two, not three, one.”

Boyfriend: “But what if I turn into a zombie and get an arm chopped off? But I really want to keep the arm, so I walk around holding it.”

Me: *laughs* “In that case you can come back in pieces. But what will you do when you come back to me, and I’m not a zombie?”

Boyfriend: “Bite you, of course. You’re going to get turned anyway, so I may as well be the one to do it. Then we can wander the Earth eating people together forever.”

(I teared up a little!)


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